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Casey Gueren, author of It's Probably Nothing:
The Stress-Less Guide to Dealing with Health Anxiety, Wellness Fads, and Overhyped Headlines

"I'm a little hesitant to share my secret weapon with you, but do yourself a favor and hire Sally for your next project that you care deeply about. Not only will she make your work more inclusive, accessible, and genuinely helpful to a wider audience, but she'll actually guide you to think more critically about the biases and assumptions within your subject area that the vast majority of content creators just aren't considering. It can be intimidating to hand over your work and ask someone 'So, what's wrong with this?' But Sally's thoughtful approach is refreshingly collaborative and incredibly valuable. She'll direct you to resources and realizations that will make your message that much more salient. Working with Sally will truly change the way you think and the way you create for the better." 

Zahra Barnes, interim Editor-in-Chief, SELF

"Working with Sally as a sensitivity reader is a joy. She is tremendously helpful in ways that have made me better as both an editor and a human. Sally brings to the table a level of sensitivity knowledge that is both broad and deep. With a signature mix of kindness and discernment, she's able to identify the moments in a story that require additional nuance or sensitivity, then suggest solutions that address the issues while also keeping in mind the brand's goals and voice. Working with Sally in this capacity is a fulfilling collaborative experiment with someone who's just as invested in doing our best as I am."

Beth Dreher, Executive Editor, Good Housekeeping

"Sally has done such great sensitivity reading for Good Housekeeping that I’ve recommended her to several other editors at Hearst. She has an ideal set of skills for this work: She’s extraordinarily well-read and informed on ways to make service stories and essays more accessible and engaging; she offers thoughtful explanation and suggestions, not just cuts; and she understands the editorial process. Sally’s work has been an essential part of helping educate my team and we’ve all become much more aware and attentive to the subtle ways the language and tone of our stories can impact our audience." 

James Introcaso, Line Producer, MCDM

"Sally's work ethic, organization, patience, communication, and commitment to an excellent product are unmatched. You won't find a more thoughtful author, a more thorough editor, or a more considerate collaborator."

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