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Since 2014 I've been editing content for online publications. (See examples of my work here.) I've edited service journalism, deeply reported features, celebrity profiles, op-eds by high-profile writers, TTRPG adventures, and more.


I work with writers to make their prose clear, concise, evocative, and engaging. Whatever your needs are—from line editing to help with clarity, structure, tone, voice, or all of the above—we'll work together to determine the scope of the project and how I can help. 

As an avid TTRPG player and reader, I'll edit your work paying special attention to your game's style and voice, making rules and mechanics crystal clear, and shaping your text to be rich and evocative but never meandering or confusing.

Sensitivity reading

I'm passionate about working with people who want their work to be accessible and engaging to anyone who might want to interact with it. This means reading text to identify both overt and subtle instances of the gaze of white supremacy, ableism, anti-fatness, cissexism, heterosexism, anti-transness, and more. I'll work with you honestly and gently not just to improve your text but to connect you with resources that will deepen your understanding of how various issues may show up in your work and how you can approach those issues with compassion, empathy, and with inclusivity and representation in mind. You may contact me for something I'm not a fit for; in that case I will refer to you to another professional who would be better suited as a sensitivity reader.


As someone who's worked and written for a variety of online publications (see examples of my work here), I'm adept at writing clear, engaging copy that aligns with your publication's specific tone and voice. Contact me if you have a deck, report, essay, story, game, adventure, supplement, concept, or other material that needs a deft, concise, engaging writer. 

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